Pratipaksha bhavanam: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 2.33

When these codes of self-regulation or restraint (yamas) and observances or practices of self-training (niyamas) are inhibited from being practiced due to unwholesome or troublesome thoughts, principles in the opposite direction, or contrary thought should be cultivated.

Transforming Negative Beliefs

We all have it - a negativity bias. The stream of thoughts inside an ever-changing pregnant body with fluctuating emotions in the landscape of society is a sure recipe for doubt, fears and false beliefs.

This course will help you explore your thought patterns in a meaningful way. We will explore the Yoga Sutra 2.33 and the practices that can provide support during this most transformative experience. You will gain an deeper understanding of negative thought patterns, and discuss which types of beliefs are common.

After a overview of yoga philosophy, you will practice meditation and asana classes themed around vichara (self-inquiry) and the tools yoga offers to counter negative thinking.

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  Vichara Self Practice
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