Learn how to feel more prepared, supported and empowered for your birth.

About the course...

Learn what yoga practices and techniques can be most impactful for the birthing experience. In this course, Cassie will help you understand important information on what to expect during labor and appropriate supportive strategies. 

Movement, breathing and meditation tools practiced in yoga can profoundly support you during childbirth! This course will help expecting couples feel more confident and prepared for the journey ahead.

We will explore common themes around birth and best practices for both the birthing person and the supporting partner. You will learn ways to manage pain, uncertainty and negativity, and methods for giving/receiving support using movement, sound, breathing, affirmations, relaxation and more. 

Because yoga is a mind and body practice, these classes will cover both the physical and psychological aspects of birth. You will be offered a variety of practices to become more aligned with your support partner and your own inner strength and capacity.

Through theory, practical application and movement;

  • We will cover the different stages of labor, what they look and feel like as well as which strategies and movements can be most helpful. We will also contemplate other birthing scenarios and tools that will be useful.
  • We will explore pain, it’s purpose, our relationship to it and how to reduce it.
  • You will learn how your mind can affect your body and explore ways to reconnect with our center.
  • You will practice a full physical yoga class that integrates all of the strategies pointing to which stages of labor they are most useful.
  • Discover how non physical techniques can help you find more ease in the unknown and through difficult circumstances.
  • Handouts will be provided for your personal use.

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  Labor Fundamentals
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  Yoga for Childbirth Experiential
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